GlossyBox Unboxing


I got my GlossyBox through the post this morning! I’m so excited about it and I thought I would share my opening the box with you guys!

Right so it came in a black postage box with the GlossyBox logo on it. I didn’t take a photo of the postage box because I didn’t feel it was necessary. The box that the products come in is bigger than I expected, really sturdy and a cute pastel pink colour.


Considering that this GlossyBox only cost £10 it was well packaged. when I removed the lid I was greeted by pastel pink tissue paper sealed by the GlossyBox logo sticker and tied in a bow with black ribbon. You can tell that care has gone into boxing these little gems!


I was so excited to see what they had chosen for me and normally I would rip open a package but this was so cute that I carefully unwrapped it. Inside were 5 beauty products laying on a bed of black shredded paper. As the box was only £10 i was expecting to be receiving tester size items but in fact all the products were full-sized.


Inside I received:

❤ MeMeMe Eye pencil in clay

❤ Naked lips Super Fruits lip balm

❤ Nick New York Blush in Romantic

❤ Kueshi Pure&Clean facial toner

❤ Jelly Pong Pong All over glow highlighter

All of these items are items I would use but I’ve not used some of these brands so it will be good to give them a chance.

I have had a little try of each of these items but I will be trying them properly and reviewing each product separately very soon.


To find out what a GlossyBox is please click here



5 thoughts on “GlossyBox Unboxing

  1. You have got exactly the same box content as me:) And I Am happy with 3 products out of 5. I like MeMeMe eye pencil and Naked lip balm from the first use. And I think they will stay with me for longer. Face Toner I need to test it for little bit longer before decided but for now I can say that I like vibrant pink colour and fabulous smell of it.
    I’m not sure about Nicka Powder Blush… colour of it looks too strong. …too pinky for me… However I like packaging of it… Packed in a faux metal pot complete with a soft, powder puff aplicator.
    And last product is Jelly Pong Pong All over Glow… I don’t like glowing face so not sure will I use it at all… Leaflet says that it’s oil free so maybe I will try it on my eyes… Instead of eyeshadow. Let me know what you think about your GB:) I already subscribe for February one… saw on the website that the packaging will be great… with Valentines theme:)

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    • I love the toner and the jelly pong pong highlighter they would be my 2 favs. The brown eye pencil is better for eyebrows than eyeliner. I agree with you that the blush is super bright and i feel like the puff applys too much in one go. the lip balm i hate, i think it smells like curry.

      I’m going to order my valentines box very soon too. Was this your first box?


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