Things to do in Autumn

Tomorrow is the first official day of autumn or fall if you are from the US, so lets put away the shorts (not that they really come out much in the summer months here in the UK), its time to pull out the coats and blankets, to watch the leaves turn from green to the beautiful shade of auburn and pick that perfect pumpkin.

I absolutely love being in fleece PJ’s with a blanket and hot chocolate in-front of the TV watching movies but there is so much more to do in autumn. Today I’m going to tell you my favourite things to do throughout this wonderful season.



If you have kids, or if you don’t, hayrides are so much fun! Kids love the ride and the tractors and if you’re just a group of adults that want to have some hayride fun you can also find haunter hayrides around.

Find hayrides in your area here

pumpkin patch

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

This is one of my personal favourite things to do. I enjoyed it as a kid and I’m now 24 and still get super excited. Whats not to love you get to walk around the pumpkin patch and see all the different shapes and sizes of the pumpkins. What my family and I do each year is have a competition, we each have to find the biggest and smallest pumpkin to buy so we can take them home and make lots of yummy treats with them.

Find Pumpkin Patches in your area here

Go on a Nature Trail

Put on a coat and some boots and go for a long walk with your friends or family. Go and see the colours on the trees and the squirrels collecting food for the winter. Some nature trails have fun activities along the way for kids to do. Most have benches along the way if you need a rest or if you are brave enough to have a picnic.

Find a Nature Trail in your area here


Make an Autumnal Wreath

I only came across these this year so I have to admit I haven’t yet made one but it is defiantly top of my list. They are so beautiful and the colours are incredible. I have seen a couple of different ways of making these and I will link my favourite two below. They are inexpensive and so seasonal, totally worth it! You can even add fake little pumpkins, pinecones or flowers if you wish!

For a quick and easy wreath click here

If you want a little more of a challenge with added flowers click here

*Just a little disclaimer neither of these wreaths are my ideas


*None of the images are mine, they have all been found freely on the internet. If any belong to you please feel free to email me and we can discuss credit or removal.


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