How to make fake blood for Halloween

Make your halloween costume this year that little bit more gruesome by adding this easy (but very mess) fake blood.

There are a lot of fake bloods in stores to by that are easy to use but they just won’t give you that real bloody gore effect. I always find them too bright or too pink. For you more ambitious souls, I am going to tell you how you can make your own fake blood.

Each character be it a vampire, zombie or killer bride will have a different ‘blood’ look. Some require more blood and others a darker blood.



•    Water
•    Lt. Corn Syrup
•    Red, Blue & Green food coloring
•    One of these: flour, cornstarch, chocolate syrup or maple


To make the fake blood, first mix the following together:

  • One part water
  • Three parts corn starch
  • Add drops of red food colouring

How much food colouring you use will depend on how much blood you are making.  Add the food colouring until the mixture begins to look bright red and like blood. Add a drop of blue and green food colouring to get a more “realistic” blood colour but remember to be careful because if you add too many drops of these colours you will end up with a horrible brown and have to start over.

Once you have the perfect shade mixed, you will need to add a thickener. Add some sifted flour or cornstarch and carefully whisk this into your red mixture. If you get any unsightly lumps that won’t dissolve, just strain them out with a strainer. You can also substitute chocolate syrup or maple syrup as a thickener. Adding chocolate or maple syrup as a thickening agent will darken the mixture.  Many find that the syrup addition also creates a more realistic colour and texture to the mix.

tea cup


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