October Favorites

So like I said In my previous post, every first Friday of the month I will be posting my monthly favourites. This can be anything from beauty products, brands, books, movies, pretty much anything that I enjoyed throughout that month.

This month is my first favourites post and I have 6 amazing products that have really boosted my mood throughout the cold month of October!

The first product is Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin.

Clean & Clear have always worked best on my skin. I always use the black head cleanser but I came across this morning energy cleanser recently and, this might sound dramatic but, it has changed my life. I am far from a morning person but when I use this cleanser in the morning the lemon and papaya extracts really wake me right up!

Price: £4.20 correct for Boots stores November 6th 2015

This next product is also by Clean & Clear but this is the Dual Action moisturizer.


I always make sure that I moisturise once I have cleansed my face and this is the perfect moisturizer! It makes my skin feel fresh and gives it a slight tingle which I love! It’s also prevents spots and is oil free. Amazing!

Price: £3.20 correct for Boots stores November 6th 2015

This wouldn’t be a favourites without a LUSH product now would it!

LUSH has released a new dusting powder this year called Fairy Dust.


First off the name fairy dust is so cute, secondly it smells like snow fairy, thirdly ITS GLITTERY!

You simply dust on to your skin and it leaves a beautiful glittery shimmer, but even better than that you can sprinkle it on your bedding and have it smell of snow fairy all night long. WARNING: You will wake up like a glittery fairy, but who wouldn’t want that!?

Price: £5.95 correct for Lush November 6th 2016

My next 3 favourites for this month are from OGX.  I have used these products before and I have always been super happy with them but last month my hair was very dry so I tried out the Nourishing Coconut Milk range and oh my!


They do as they say, they nourish your hair but the also use whipped egg white proteins to add strength and elasticity to your hair. The scent of coconut stays in your hair for ages, it so beautiful!

The oil I normally use before applying heat to my hair and I also spray some on my hands and smooth down my hair to calm the frizz. It works wonders!

I will forever recommend this brand but especially this product!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments! 


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