Things to do this Christmas.

If you think it’s too early to be talking about Christmas when I would probably stop reading here, but if you don’t then…We have 44 days till Christmas, 44! I don’t know if it’s just me but this year has flown by (I say that every year). That being said, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and this festive period is one of my favourites.

I love the songs, fake snow, and the smell of fir trees!


So, as we have 44 days until the big event I am going to list (and link) 44 fun and festive events for you to do.

  1. Cover the house in fairy lights. I use icicle style ones like these.
  2. Visit your local Christmas Market. Find one near you here.
  3. Organise a Secret Santa, between friends or colleges.
  4. Buy a Christmas jumper. I will be sporting this one this year.
  5. Send Christmas cards.
  6. Buy an advent calendar like these ones or even make you own like these ones.
  7. Go watch a pantomime at the theatre. See whats on.
  8. Go carol singing.
  9. Visit Santa’s grotto, trust me you’re never too old!
  10. Build a snowman, if it snow.
  11. Kiss under the mistletoe.
  12. Decorate the house.
  13. Make a Christmas cake, this one is super yummy.
  14. Go ice-skating.
  15. Put up a Christmas tree.
  16. Make your own Christmas ornaments just like these.
  17. Drive around your local homes and see all the beautiful lights.
  18. Make you own stocking. This one is super cute and easy.
  19. Light a candle and give thanks.
  20. Make a wish on christmas eve.
  21. Write a letter to Father Christmas.
  22. Drink Bailey’s (if you’re old enough).
  23. Listen to christmas songs.
  24. Make your own snow globe.
  25. Drink eggnog
  26. Wear lots of layers and take a winter’s walk in the woods.
  27. Sit around a fire to keep toasty warm.
  28. Watch christmas movies.
  29. Go Christmas shopping.
  30. Bake mince pies.
  31. Make mulled wine.
  32. Go to your local town’s switching on of the lights.
  33. Make your own Christmas playlist.
  34. Play board games.
  35. Leave out a brandy and a cookie for Santa and a carrot and milk for Rudolph.
  36. Wear a Santa hat.
  37. Make and drink your own peppermint hot chocolate. This white chocolate one is divine!
  38. Read A Christmas Carol.
  39. Spend time with family.
  40. Eat till your tummies are full.
  41. Pull Christmas crackers
  42. Send a child a shoe box of gifts.
  43. Play board games
  44. But most of all be grateful.


Happy Holidays everyone! Have a lovely time!


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