Saving Mr Banks (2013) Movie Review


I know that I am really behind on the band wagon here and as a Disney fan I feel a little disappointed with myself but the honest reason I have been putting off watching Saving Mr Banks is that I really hate watching people try and play Walt Disney.

When Hollywood use the term ‘Based on a true story’ it doesn’t often mean a lot in historical accuracy. In this case the story of Walt Disney attempting to gain the rights to P.L .Travers iconic story Mary Poppins, the Disney Company have welcomed positivity on to what is a grim part of Disney history.


Tom Hanks play film maker and imagineer Walt Disney as he seeks to turn the Mary Poppins classic into a magical feature film, an aspiration that the author P.L.Travis, played by Emma Thompson disagree’s on. Tension begins to rise in the studio between imagineers which in result starts to bring up P.L.Travers dark past and starts to show the deeper and truer meanings behind her book.

The movie unravels the troubles P.L.Travers faced growing up, with her mothers (Ruth Wilson) attempted suicide and her fathers (Colin Farrell) alcoholism leading to death.


I really enjoyed the movie and was pleasantly surprised by the story line. I was initially frustrated with how bitter P.L.Travers was but found my self laughing when she related a little and started to enjoy myself. As I do when I watch most movies, I ended up crying towards the end I wouldn’t say its was great for kids, even though it is a Disney movie, with the death, alcoholism and attempted suicide it could be a little much for the younger audience.


Even though, with most Hollywood films, it may stray from the harsher truth to make the movie a little more cheery, I would definitely recommend this film if you haven’t already seen it.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆


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