Dose of Colors Truffle Review



I absolutely love a matt nude lip and I was really interested in the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit but with them flying off the shelves and people here in the UK selling them for £50+ I was having no luck. Im visiting the States in May so I decided that I would just try and grab one when I’m there. So I continued to use my Kate Moss No.03 but then I came across Dose of Color, this brand seems to be pretty big in America but isn’t sold over in the UK  but they do ship to the UK and I managed to get hold of one, Truffle.



The packaging of these liquid lipsticks is so pretty. It’s a smaller, thicker plastic tube that is also matte so it’s very luxurious looking. Although the tubes are plastic, they don’t feel cheap at all. The applicator is the typical doe foot applicator, but it’s shorter since the bottle is shorter, and I find that the shorter applicator gives me more control when applying them.



There is a small range of colours at the moment but I’m sure as the brand grows so will the range of products they have. The one I went for, Truffle, is beautiful nude shade with a slight mink pink tone to it. Im rather pale so even though I wanted a nude I wanted it to have another hue to it to make sure I didn’t look washed out.


These do have a slight sticky feel to them on the lips so when you press your lips together after it dries, your lips do kind of stick together a bit, but it’s not uncomfortable or off putting. The fact that it is kind of sticky actually prolongs the wear of these liquid lipsticks so even if you’re drinking and eating throughout the day, they won’t fade as much as some liquid lipsticks do. The website does advise to avoid greasy food as these do come off easily with oils, but that does make taking these off a breeze. I like to apply oil all over the lips then wipe it off with a cotton round.



The only downside to these liquid lipsticks isn’t even about the product itself, it’s the fact that they’re only available online so you can’t swatch them ahead of time to see if you like a color, and they don’t offer free shipping. I like to shop online where free shipping is available because I don’t want to be stuck with products I don’t like if they don’t meet my expectations, but I was honestly really happy with both of these shades.



The Verdict |

100% worth it.
These are probably the best liquid lipsticks I’ve tried! The formula is so creamy, smooth, opaque and non-drying. They don’t flake and last a good 8 hours on my lips. They do wear down when eating or drinking, but not as badly as some others do. The product applies easily and they also look so beautiful on the vanity. As with any liquid lipstick, make sure to properly exfoliate and moisturise your lips before wearing these.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 21.14.08




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