Unconventional ways to use Lush products.

Im pretty sure by now that you guys know how much I love LUSH products and how upset I was when my Doctor told me that I had to give them a rest for a little while to see if it improved my eczema (which it didn’t). So I am now allowed to use them again so there will be load more LUSH posts/reviews coming up very soon.

This weekend was amazing for me because I have been invited to my local LUSH store for my first ever blogger event! I am so excited for this, it will be great to get a first look at the new upcoming Christmas range. I’m not going to lie to you I have already had a sneak preview and the products are absolutely Devine!

So in honour of being able to use LUSH again and my first blogger event I decided to tell you some of the unconventional ways that you can use their products.

1. Bath bombs make incredible air fresheners 

I keep all of my bath bombs in a basket but instead of keeping them stored in my bathroom I put them in my room. Just simply on a shelf or sometimes I put it on top of my wardrobe so they are a little more hidden. Alternatively if you have a shelf in your wardrobe leave you bath bombs there and you will get hit with the scent overtime you go to get ready.

Try and stick to one scent family though so you don’t have too many different scents at one time.
2. You can use shower gels in your washing 

I use shower gel in my washing instead of softener and it is sublime! My washing always smells unbelievable. Im currently using Rose Jam because I bought 6 litres last Christmas along side 3 other shower gels, so long story short I have a hell of a lot so I may as well use it somehow! Oh, and don’t worry about the softness of your clothes because the conditioning ingredients leave your clothes as soft as it does your skin.
3. Dusting powders in your laundry 

So this one is really good if you don’t want to use shower gel in the wash but still want to get that beautiful lush sent on you clothes. You will need a tumble dryer though!

Once your clothes are dry then add some dusting powder and put on for an addition 5 minutes. Only do this on dry clothes though as it can become clumpy and lighter colours are better as blacks can show up the powder as times. I use Fairy Dust or Silky Underwear for this but any will work fine.

4. Keep spiders at bay 

If you don’t like spiders this tip will be perfect for you. Spiders don’t like strong smelling herbs like mint and lavender. So if you sprits your room or entire home with the Dirty Body spray they will no longer invade!

I have carpet so I spritz some on there and let it soak in not only does it keep my room smelling fresh but NO SPIDERS!
I hope these tips will help you in one way or another. Keep an eye out for upcoming LUSH posts and thank you for reading 

Check out LUSH halloween range here.



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