I ordered a GlossyBox


This is just a quick post to let you all know that I made the decision to subscribe to Glossybox. Sorry if I’m a little late on band wagon. For the readers who don’t know what a Glossybox is I will explain.

Glossybox is a company that you  can subscribe to on different plans. I chose the pay monthly subscription, which you pay for before you receive your box as that is best for me. It works out a little more expensive but I’m no good with bills so being able to pay for that month there and then works for me.

Inside the box will be 5 beauty items for you to try. They will select these items based on the information you give them when you sign up. The fact that you get to try out 5 different beauty items every month is pretty damn good for £10. Obviously you have to keep in mind when starting a subscription that there may be some products that you have already used or even some that you don’t really like, This is the kind of risk that you have to take. If I don’t like the idea of something or if I already have given it a go I was considering doing a little giveaway. What do you guys think on that?

The website said that my box will be with me within 4 working days, which to be fair is pretty quick considering I’ve only just told them the beauty products I normal go for and the fact they haven’t even packed the box yet.

Glossybox isn’t the only company to do this, there are loads if you have a look around. I picked this one because, to me, it seemed the best. I will link Glossy box and some other companies that also do beauty subscriptions below.


Below are the links to some Beaty Box sites. Enjoy! 



Love Lula Beauty Box

Feel Unique

Latest in Beauty


Liebster Award


I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award, I haven’t been blogging for very long and I’m not 100% sure what it is but I figured I would get involved any way!
So a  thank you to Beauty, Brains and Food for the nomination, go give this chick a follow!

The rules are:
Thank and link the person who nominated you
Answer the questions given by the nominator
Nominate 11 other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and link them
Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer
Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

My questions from Beauty, Brains and Food are:-
1) What is your favourite beauty product and why?

I am obsessed with EOS products. I purchased the summer fruits EOS lip balm early 2014 and loved it so much. It was so moisturising and there was a lot of product inside. Its eat to apply as you don’t have to use fingers to apply and it’s not in a twist up package where you end up digging out the last bits.

When I found out that they ask had a hand lotion I went on a crazy hunt to find one. You get a lot of a fantastic product for your money.

There are other EOS products but these two are my absolute favourites! They have a very wide range of delicious scents too!

Click here to visit their site!


2) If you could be any place in the world where would you be?

To be completely honest I am in the place I would want to be. I live just on the outskirts of London, in a little town called Upminster. Theres not loads going on here but there is enough, and just a short train journey and I can be in central London.

I like being in England, I even like the cold weather we have. My view on it is if I lived on a hot county then I wouldn’t know where to visit on holidays and I get to have little get aways in the UK countryside. Which suits me.

3) Whats your favourite food and why?

Salmon. With anything. I could eat Salmon all day every day. I don’t know why if I’m completely honest.

4) Whats your favourite TV programme?AA_orphanblack_thumbnail_s2_02_web_Fotor

See this changes all the time. I really enjoy fantasy shows but I also like shows which are drug based, (even though I don’t take any drugs), I just enjoy watching people s concept on drugs and how people are on them.

My current favourite show is Orphan Black which I recommend to anyone!

5) If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Ah this question doesn’t seem like a difficult one but it really is. like, I have two which i have whittled it down to.

The first being teleportation, being able to teleport myself to another place, within reason. So I wouldn’t tele port myself to different time but just different places as and when I wished.

The second is to be able to read people’s minds. This way you can tell what their motives are. The only problem with this superpower is that you might not want to know if someone is bad because you like them.

I think I would have to do with teleportation

6) What scares you the most?

I have a major fear of the unknown. I know it’s a weird one but I can’t explain it.

7) Do you have a favourite film? If so what is it?

My favourite film of all time is a Disney film that was released in 1963 called Summer Magic. It’s not an animated Disney. Starring Hayley Mills, Burl Ives, and Dorothy McGuire, Su4533487_l4mmer Magic is story about a Boston widow and her children taking up residence in a small town in Maine.

Okay, so it doesn’t sounds that good but I just love their dresses and the songs and how etiquette the ladies are.

It’s not for everyone but maybe give it a watch and leave a comment on your thoughts?

8) If your house was on fire what would be the first thing you would save?layla_Fotor

I had this conversation with my Boyfriend the other day as it goes. This might sound mad to some people but  I could save my cat. I would not leave that house until I found my little fur ball.

Let me tell you a little about my cat, she is the dumbest animal you will ever meet in your whole existence. Her of farts scare her. She is such a wimp and hides from everyone that isn’t family. Wont adventure further than the garden. I love her so much, cat lovers will understand my choice here.

My family are pretty smart and can get themselves out safely I’m sure and the rest of my stuff can be pretty much replaced.

9) What do you enjoy most about writing a blog?

I enjoy writing full stop but what I like about blogs is that I can write my views and opinions on here and other people can  come and read what they want when they want, nothing is being forced on them.

Its nice getting comments back from visitors to my blog sharing their views on products that I have reviewed too.

10) Whats your favourite memory?

It’s a really simple thing but when my sister and I were younger every Sunday morning we would help my mum thoroughly clean my house and then around mid day my dad would take us both ice skating whilst my mum prepared and cooked dinner. Then we would go home and all eat together and finished the evening by snuggling up and watching movies together on the sofa.

It doesn’t sound like a majorly fun thing to do but it was just the family time like that which I really enjoyed. As we have got older we have all started to work different shift and we hardly see each other anymore, let alone spend a whole Sunday together.

Now I would like to nominate :

1) Olivia’s Teen Beauty Blog

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3) Gossips and Fashion

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5) Mel’s Thinking Corner

I have only done 5 because I can’t seemed to find people who have less than 200 followers that haven’t already been nominated.

These are my questions for you:

1) What is something about you that not wouldn’t be expected?

2) who is your favourite band/artist and what song?

3) What were your job aspirations as a child?

4) Cold or hot drinks?

5) Whats in your handbag?

6) If you were stranded on an island what would you take with you (only one item)?

7) Snog, marry avoid? Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner

8) Any beauty secrets?

9) Favorite place and why?

10) Favorite flavour ice cream?

Enjoy Sweeties!

Elle x