I’m Back!

Guys, I’m back! I’m sorry its been so long. I have been having a bit of a revamp on the layout. Do you like it?

So I’ve decided to bring back monthly favourites. It will start at the end of this month, which is super exciting I have loads of new bits that I want to share with you all.

Also I will be doing WCW also known as Woman Crush Wednesday, where each Wednesday I will pick a lady that I think is beautiful, inspirational or strong women. If you think there is someone that should be chosen then write a comment on their picture with #EforelleWCW!

Im not going to have set days that i post other than Wednesdays, simply because i have a job and sometimes find it hard to post by certain days. I promise that I will try my very hardest to get at least one post up a week for you.

Thanks for understanding guys!

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The Beauty Tag

There has been this fun tag floating around called The Beauty Tag and I’ve decided I’m not going to wait to be tagged to do it…OOOOOOOHHHHHHH REBEL.

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?Twice, morning and night.
2. What skin type do you have? Right now my skin is dry but I normally have an oily T-zone.
3. What is your current facial wash? In the morning I use clean and clear morning energy and at night I use clean and clear black head clearing scrub.
4. Do you exfoliate? I do but not every day.

5. What brand do you use? Soap and Glory, greatest scrub of all.
6. What moisturizer do you use? Clean and clear, dual action oil free right now but i change it up a lot.
7. Do you have freckles? Only when my face has seen the sun.
8. Do you use eye cream? Not all the time but i do use Benefit, its potent some times.
9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Im pretty lucky that I have very clear skin.
10. Did you ever have to use Proactive? Never

11. What foundation do you use? I use Maybelline dream flawless nude foundation in ivory.
12. How about concealer? I use Mac select moisture cover in NC15
13. Do you know your undertone color? I have the fairest with slight pink undertones
14. What do you think of fake eyelashes? They look so lovely on other people but i just don’t like them on myself.
15. Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? Yeah, I normally do, if i get through it.
16. What brand of mascara do you use? I use two, A super cheap one that was sent to me by GlossyBox called lash princess volume mascara by essence which I LOVE and a Bourjois mascara called volume 1 seconde retro summer which was review and recommended my friend Hannah.
17. Sephora or MAC? We don’t have Sephora in the UK so Mac, but I will be in the states next may and will grab a few bits.
18. Do you have a MAC Pro-card? No, I wish I did though.
19. What makeup tools do you use in make up application? I use a real techniques beauty blender and real techniques brushes.
20. Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? No, not an eye primer.

21. For the face? I use a Maybelline baby skin pore eraser face primer
22. What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour or shade)? I like neutral shades for day to day wear and navys/ blacks for something a bit more grunge on a night out.
23. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? I use a liquid liner and its the Rimmel glam’eyes professional liquid liner but i use a thinner brush because that just works for me.
24. How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? Never. It just doesn’t suit me so I don’t use it at all.
25. What do you think of pigment eye shadows? Messy.
26. Do you use mineral makeup? Nope, My friend uses bare minerals and I gave that a try once but just wasn’t for me.
27. What is your favourite lipstick? Kate moss Lasting finish in shade 003 is my go to daily lip colour and I also love Mac Ruby Woo
28. How about lip gloss? Not for me.
29. What is your favourite blush to use?  I don’t use it too often but I do love Benefit rockateur.
30. Do you buy your makeup on eBay?  Never!

31. Do you like drugstore makeup? Most of it is pretty good.
32. Do you go to CCO’s? (cosmetic company outlets)? Nope, unfortunately not.
34. Are you clumsy when putting on makeup? Nope, maybe with winged liner, but who isn’t?
35. Name a makeup crime that you hate? Not blending. BLEND PEOPLE, BLEND!
36. Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?  Neutral shades.
37. Which celebrity always has great make up? Cara Delevingne and Dita Von Teese.
38. If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use? My eyebrow kit (i don’t have any hair there).
39. Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? If I grew my eyebrows back, which I’m in the process of doing.
40. Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? No, basically.


Hope you enjoyed getting a little look into my make up and skin care.

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Lylia Rose

Have fun ladies!


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August GlossyBox Review


Hello there! So I wanted to do an apology post because I’ve not been able to post in FOREVER! But I figured I would just keep it short and sweet and put it at the start of this GlossyBox Post.

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to dedicate yourself to your blog and your readers something in your life will get in the way. This is exactly what happened for me. The last blog post from myself was about a Job Promotion, well that went very wrong for me. I enjoy my job and I try to work my hardest all the time but sometimes things just get a little much and on this occasion it took its toll on my skin.

I suffer from eczema, I have done since birth but I have it under control, most of the time. This time though, stress took over and I ended up in a look of pain and the eczema targeted my hands and feet. For a very long time I was completely unable to walk. I demoted myself at work to try to help with my stress levels and I have been off work since MAY!

I thought about posting whilst I was off but I really had nothing to post about because I was in bed unable to move day in and day out.

BUT IM BACK!! and I don’t plan on going anywhere

So to start this blog back off I am going to give you and an August GlossyBox Mini Review…ish.


For some unknown reason my August GlossyBox turned up on the 2nd September so this is a bit of a late review but never the less. So this month we were back to the classic pink box which I love! I keep al of my boxes under my bed, some I use for storage and others are empty but I also use them to put odd-shaped gifts in to make them easier to wrap.


When I opened this box I was super excited to see two of the brands that I love, SASS and NAOBAY. There was also a product from a brand called MeMeMe which I haven’t got on with before and two new brands for me to try.

I though I would try the new products first as I kind of has an idea about the others already. So fist up is the Artist colour powder blush in the shade 108. This product was voted into the box by GlossyBox customers. It is a Blush/Bronzer hybrid from the Swedish brand Emite.

FullSizeRender 7_Fotor

I personally don’t like the colour. I am very pale and it is just too dark for me. That being said, the pigmentation is incredible and you don’t need a lot of product at all! This product is fantastic if you have a darker skin tone and it is perfect for contouring too. But because of the colour I had to pass this one on. (The photo is a little more red then the product, I tried to get it as true to colour as possible.)

Full size : £20.59

FullSizeRender 4_Fotor

The next product for me to try is a lash primer from the US brand Manna Kadar. The Glossybox description card says that it leaves your lashes ‘conditioned and voluminous’. Well, it doesn’t! I am not impressed with this product at all! I used it every night for a week and all it done was add a layer of product that was thick and dried very crusty on my eye lashes. I found that it was uncomfortable and I was constantly aware that it was on my lashes. It also says that it can be used under mascara for an ‘enhanced final effect’. I didn’t like it under mascara either, it made my mascara clump up. So over all I wasn’t impressed.

Full size: £14.55 

FullSizeRender 9_Fotor

Next I moved on the brand i didn’t get on with MeMeMe. This time I was trying a Lip glide in Playful Peach and it was PEACH!  The product is a matte-velvet chubby lip crayon and it has changed my mind on MeMeMe completely! I LOVE this product so much. It is super easy to apply and is so hydrating, the colour is very pigmented and lasts nearly all day. (I did have to touch up after food as normal.) This colour is super cute, I just wish GlossyBox had given it to us at the start of summer as it is the perfect summer shade! I will defiantly be purchasing more shades! Oh and one more thing, it’s such a great size that fits into your bag.

Full size: £6.95

FullSizeRender 6_Fotor

Moving on to the SASS Purifying Cleanser. This is an intimate wash that works as a probiotic to balance your skins PH levels. You use two pumps in the shower and rinsed with warm fresh water. I already use the Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate which came in the May 2015 GlossyBox and I love it. So I was excited to use this wash. I have been using the Femfresh wash and it has been doing the job but the SASS Purifying Cleanser is out of this world. It is so gentle and soothing, there was no dryness after. It’s just such an amazing fresh product. I will be purchasing both the wash and concentrate again!


Full size: £7 (BARGAIN!)

FullSizeRender 8_Fotor

Now for the final (and best) product in this box, the NAOBAY Calming Face Toner which is a Spanish 4 in 1 product. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Lets start with the packaging, it is matte white with a wooden screw lid, so simple but so beautiful. It would look great on your vanity or on you bathroom shelf. I already have the Moisturising Peeling which gets rid of any artificial skin cells and daily impurities and now I have the Calming Face Toner to work along side it. You apply a few drops to a cotton pad and dab/softly wipe your face and it effectively removes traces of make up and impurities from the skin, cleanses, tones and soothe the skin with Chamomile and Asian Cantella.

I would love to repurchase this product but I’m not sure where from, if you know where I can purchase please leave me a comment.

No animal testing

Full size: £10.65

*This blog isn’t sponsored all opinions are my own

**All brands are linked

If you wish to sponsor me feel free to contact me: Eleanorgreenslade@icloud.com


OPI Hawaii


This spring, OPI is celebrating the island state with a nail polish collection as colorful as the tropical paradise it represents. The twelve nail polish colours of OPI Hawaii include a variety of finishes and a rainbow of hues.

OPI nail polish is 3-free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP) though it’s been brought to my attention that some colours contain Formaldehyde Resin, but not all. I was only allowed one sample and it didn’t come with an allergen label so I’m not sure which polishes contain Formaldehyde Resin, but it is okay for you to check the table in store.

OPI have always been creative with nail polish names and these names are no different, with names like, Pineapples have feelings too!, Suzi Shops & Island Hops and my favourite colour Thats Hula-rious!


Thats Hula-rious! is the colour that I chose to test and this was the result,

OPI-Hawaii-event-mani-3It’s a beautiful solid mint shade and it makes everything feel a little bit more like summer.

Price – £11.95

Available now!


Instagram Favorites

I follow a lot of Instagram accounts, some friends, some readers, but mostly beauty blogs. Everyday I see incredible make up skills and beautiful colours on my feed. I figured I would share some with you.

So, from this point onwards every Friday I will making a blog post on my Top 6 make up looks for that week. I will also link each look to the owners profile so you could have a look at their other looks and even try them for yourself.


1 –  lora_arellano

2 – pal_foxxia

3 – alisakissooo

4 – doedeere

5 – xariamonroe

6 – limecrimemakeup (can also be found on doedeere’s profile)

Find my Instagram here


GlossyBox Unboxing


I got my GlossyBox through the post this morning! I’m so excited about it and I thought I would share my opening the box with you guys!

Right so it came in a black postage box with the GlossyBox logo on it. I didn’t take a photo of the postage box because I didn’t feel it was necessary. The box that the products come in is bigger than I expected, really sturdy and a cute pastel pink colour.


Considering that this GlossyBox only cost £10 it was well packaged. when I removed the lid I was greeted by pastel pink tissue paper sealed by the GlossyBox logo sticker and tied in a bow with black ribbon. You can tell that care has gone into boxing these little gems!


I was so excited to see what they had chosen for me and normally I would rip open a package but this was so cute that I carefully unwrapped it. Inside were 5 beauty products laying on a bed of black shredded paper. As the box was only £10 i was expecting to be receiving tester size items but in fact all the products were full-sized.


Inside I received:

❤ MeMeMe Eye pencil in clay

❤ Naked lips Super Fruits lip balm

❤ Nick New York Blush in Romantic

❤ Kueshi Pure&Clean facial toner

❤ Jelly Pong Pong All over glow highlighter

All of these items are items I would use but I’ve not used some of these brands so it will be good to give them a chance.

I have had a little try of each of these items but I will be trying them properly and reviewing each product separately very soon.


To find out what a GlossyBox is please click here